About Us

Sangmed's main focus is to facilitate travel plans from your home to other countries for medical care.
We want to be your medical tourism facilitator.

Sangmed element - medical facilitator We believe that everyone deserves quality medical attention and we’re here to make it easy for you. We will assist with all your travel logistics, including getting the best deals on flights, accommodations, transportation, tours, activities. We also ensure clear communication between you and your doctor.
Sangmed element - medical facilitator Our team will assist you on your entire trip until you return home. With medical tourism we offer specialists in several locations for you to choose from, such as Los Algodones: a small border town that boasts more than 350 dentists in its small area. Or if beachy is your type of experience, travel with us to beautiful Playa del Carmen to meet with a variety of medical professionals.

Sangmed travel logistics icons - medical tourism facilitator

Sangmed element - medical facilitator    We care about your health, and for that reason, Sangmed searches for and screens each doctor and clinic we work with so you receive the best quality at all our locations.

“Our main objective is for you to have the best experience with your medical getaway”